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What am I knitting this time?

April 12, 2017

Kniterate is a compact industrial knitting machine created for designers and entrepreneurs that facilitates the one-off creation of garments. Built by London-based designer Gerard Rubio, Kniterate is meant to act as a sort of 3D printer for knitwear, allowing you to create digital designs in Photoshop and turn them into a wearable garments in just a few hours. The machine is capable of knitting scarves, sweaters, dresses, ties, or even the components of shoes. Kniterate could dramatically reduce lead time for a fashion business or design school in need of quick prototyping, or help a more ambitious artist in the fabrication a completely unique wardrobe. Learn more over on Kickstarter. (via Inhabitat, Make:)

Kniterate is a kickstarter campaign – reblogged from Colossal


What am I knitting?

February 16, 2017



What am I knitting?

December 19, 2016

I admit it.  My name is Anne Bonney and I am a sockaholic.


What am I knitting?

June 1, 2016


Etsy designer Schuyler Ellers creates fashion from those afghans that your granny left you.

If this look speaks to you, there are details here at Etsy.



P.S. I know this is crochet, not knitting.




What am I knitting?

May 24, 2016



With the cuff, heel flap and turn, gusset, foot and toe defined by different colors – harmonizing, but not matching. I had to snatch them off his feet to get a picture.




What am I knitting?

January 7, 2016

wind-11 wind-21 wind-31 wind-41 wind-51



What am I knitting?

December 1, 2015

And sappy cat blogging . . .

anna mo2

Anna Mo knits with chunky spools of wool, utilizing giant needles to produces the three-inch stitches that comprise her blankets, wraps, and now tiny pet beds. The animal-focused textiles mimic the appearance of her human accessories, crafted in bright blue, pink, and orange encasements that are perfect for the upcoming winter. Due to the round shape of the beds they even begin to look like spools of yarn themselves, hollowed out to perfectly snuggle your pooch or kitty.

anna mo3

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This is tattoo Tuesday . . .

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