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What am I knitting?

July 20, 2015


In a different interpretation of Cristo’s wrapped landscapes, Portuguese artist Joanna Vasconcelos covers animal sculptures in fine, crocheted lace.  The pictures below show her recent work in which she covers the sculptures of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.


The artist states:

Each of the pieces “are ambiguously imprisoned/protected by a second-skin in crochet-work,” says Vasconcelos. At once both beautiful and strange, the work stands as a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship of the artist but also as a one-upmanship of maternal femininity and domesticity. The use of crochet to mummify the ceramic animals “opens up a vast and rich field of interpretation” that challenges our preconceptions of femininity, as well as our notions of tradition and modernity.


Yeah, well . . . I’m not a fan of the whole wrapping movement, but I like the little crab – and the frog – and maybe the snake.

From Colossal