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Keep looking up

December 3, 2022

This is a map of about 200 objects in our universe created by Pablo Carlos Budassi. To appreciate it, you really have to make it bigger. That is our Sun in the center.

Read more about the project at Visual Capitalist or at Budassi’s website.


Sappy Cat Blogging

December 2, 2022

Tattoo Tuesday

November 29, 2022

Yesterday was Red Planet Day – that is the day that Mariner was launched. Mariner was the first spacecraft (from Earth) to land on Mars. That was in 1964.

Keeping with the astronomical theme, here are a few constellation tattoos that I found attractive.


Sappy dog blogging

November 25, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2022

There are many different kinds of Pilgrims


Subtle Tattoo Tuesday

November 22, 2022

They are small. They are inconspicuous. They can be kind of cute. I am still not getting tattooed. I prefer to stand out from the crowd.

See more at My Modern Met


I’m steamed

November 21, 2022

This steam powered clock in Indianapolis, Indiana plays “Back Home in Indiana” through its steam whistles at the beginning of each hour. There is more to the story including links to other steam powered clocks at Atlas Obscura


Sappy dog blogging

November 18, 2022


November 17, 2022

We traveled to rural Ohio recently to learn a little about falconry. This session took place at the Medina Chapter of the Izaac Walton League. It was a thrill and a great learning experience.

The program was offered by the Ohio School of Falconry. Joe, our instructor was knowledgeable, patient, funny and kind. He obviously has a passion for the sport and also for teaching. Kudos also to his apprentice, Haley. They worked well with the birds and seamlessly geared the talk both to the 10 year old in the group, as well as the rest of us slightly older folks. We learned a lot about raptors and about the sport of falconry and the dedication needed to be successful raising and training a bird.

Here are some of the photos of the birds. I highly recommend this program.

African Augur Buzzard

Eurasian Horned Owl


Interesting . . . glad it is time lapse

November 16, 2022
probably better with the sound off