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What am I knitting?

November 11, 2015


Vermont-based knitter Emily Stoneking runs an anatomical knitting brand called aKNITomy where she transforms fluffy skeins of yarn into the anatomical details of rats, frogs, people, and other creatures. Stoneking—who is admittedly not a scientist—likes to approximate the form and style seen in most anatomical illustrations with clear colors and distinct forms that may not be 100% accurate but are fun to look at nonetheless.

The specimens are available as both completed pieces and downloadable patterns, so you can ditch the formaldehyde and get a PDF knitting guide.




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What is sappy cat blogging about this week?

August 30, 2013


I know this is not anything to do with sappy cats, but I thought it was interesting.  I found it on Why? Because Science.

This is sappy cat blogging:

cat toes