What am I sappy bear blogging?

May 27, 2022

It’s a bear train (h/t Daily Timewaster)



May 25, 2022

From this is Colossal


Happy Tiara Day!

May 24, 2022

May 24 is Tiara Day – so, dust yours off and wear it proudly!

The one pictured above is Belle Epoque Russian design that was sold by Christie’s in 2015 for 677,000 Swiss Francs.

Christie’s also has an interesting history of tiaras and guidelines for collecting and wearing them at their website.

I have always been fond of the British Royal collection of tiaras, including the one worn by Megan Markle at her wedding. Interestingly, I see that you can buy a knock-off of that tiara on Etsy for $140.00.


Race to Alaska

May 23, 2022

“750 miles – No Motors – No Support – No Handicaps”

This describes the race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska. After a Covid hiatus, the race was back in 2022. Read about the adventure in Hakai Magazine.


Friday Seal Blogging

May 20, 2022

Missed it

May 18, 2022

As usual, the skies over Metropark Centralis were overcast on May 15, the night of the lunar eclipse. It was probably great.


Friday Dog Blogging

May 13, 2022

What am I knitting

May 12, 2022

Not me – Jake Hentzler knits memories of his travels, such as this impressive cityscape of Copenhagen.

From This is Colossal – check out his website for his Budapest Grand Hotel and other efforts.


Land of the Midnight Sun

May 11, 2022

Arctic Midnight Sun – 24hour timelapse (made with Olympus OMD E-M1 + Zuiko Digital 8 mm f/3.5 ED FISHEYE) from Witek Kaszkin on Vimeo.


An interesting idea . . .

May 10, 2022