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What am I celebrating today?

April 5, 2016


First Contact – April 5, 2063

I can’t wait!


What am I drawing?

March 4, 2015


Just kidding – but only because I do not have a handy Canadian five-spot.

The story here from Huffington Post.  Wilfred Laurier, Canada’s seventh Prime Minister and first fracophone leader,  is immortalized on the five dollar bill and bears a resemblance to  Star Trek’s Mr. Spock (RIP Leonard Nimoy).

The Canadian government says that “Spocking” the bills is not illegal – nor is it encouraged, eh?




Why am I looking for Zefram Cochrane on tattoo Tuesday?

January 13, 2015


Shades of Star Trek First Contact, an Omaha man is fiddling around in his garage working on warp fields.  This story from Dave Reneke.

David Pares is maybe not how you’d imagine a scientist trying to prove the existence of warp fields (and then harness them), but he is the one who seems to be trying the hardest. Its science fiction finally coming true.

Armed with all the money and free time he possesses, Pares has been tirelessly exploring what some people have dismissed as a pointless endeavor. But a lack of funding or scientific support won’t stop him. While NASA’s Harold “Sonny” White is exploring warp bubbles in a more theoretical way, Pares is taking a more hands-on approach.

warp5Dave Pares and his workshop/laboratory

He’s toiling over a Faraday cage and constructing a V-shaped device made up of three panels with fractal arrays that he believes can compress the very fabric of space. Pares does so at the headquarters for Space Warp Dynamics, aka his garage.


Pares contends that warp bubbles occur naturally all of the time right here on earth.  Through his work he is attempted to test that theory.


That’s how the Wright Brothers did it.

And the tattoo, because it is Tuesday.





What am I reading?

October 23, 2013


I thought this was interesting.  It is one of those quizzes one finds online.  This one is from the New York Times and is based on a Cambridge University study aimed at helping people raise their sensitivity IQ.

To take the quiz, CLICK HERE.

How did you do?


What birthday am I celebrating?

September 9, 2013

STAR TREK first began its mission to explore strange new worlds, and so on . . .  on September 8, 1966.  The link is from

Click on this timeline to make it bigger:


This blog is Gunsmoke and KNITTING, so to celebrate the birth of Star Trek, here is a knitting project for your little Klingon.  And speaking of Klingons, did you know that Michael Dorn has a role on Castle? (If you are interested, there are a lot of links in the previous sentence.)


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What am I sappy cat blogging this week?

July 27, 2012

CATS IN SPACE – A Little Whimsey for Friday

Notice that they are all wearing red shirts – too bad about that.  Thanks to Katie for this reference.


Whose birthday am I celebrating?

February 17, 2012

Happy belated birthday to Geordi LaForge, born February 16, 2335 in Earth’s African Confederation.

Born in 2335? Well, I guess I actually do have time to bake him a cake.