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What am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

May 20, 2014

root beer book

Today is Root Beer day.  On this day in 1876 Charles Hines introduced commercially bottled root beer to the public in celebration of the centennial of the USA in Philadelphia.

Root Beer with Sam

Here are some bottles from my root beer cellar being watched over by Cmdr. Sam Vimes.

Root beer, of course, had been around for a long time.  It is one of those homemade concoctions like birch beer, ginger beer, spruce beer, and sarsaparilla, that has many different recipes.  Some of the ingredients in root beer (from Wikipedia) include:

Main ingredients



Other ingredients

I bet you thought I forgot the tattoo.  Nope – here it is:

rootbeer tattoo


What am I sappy cat blogging?

April 18, 2014


Cmdr. Samuel Vimes attempts to send back his new brother, Hobbes.

Hobbes in a box

Good thing Zappos returns are free.

Just kidding – they get along great. It is just that boxes are irresistible.


What am I sappy cat blogging?

April 6, 2014

The Flying Cats of Woodbury Place

flying samCmdr. Sam Vimes in mid-leap captured on my iPad

flying HobbesSam’s new brother, Hobbes, also in mid-leap


young Sam



Both kitties in a quieter moment.  Hobbes arrived on Tuesday evening.  Both are Maine Coon Cats.  We are happy for the addition to our family and thank Cousin Linda for these furry blessings.



What am I sappy cat blogging?

January 17, 2014

cat tree1

This wonderful room for cats (thanks again to Katie for the tip).  It is available from a German company called Goldtatze.  Click on this link to see their webpage.

cat tree 3

cat tree 2

All of the cats in the video look pretty blissed out.  I am sure Cmdr. Vimes would love it.


What am I sappy cat blogging?

January 3, 2014


Cmdr. Sam Vimes helped me get ready for Christmas.  I made white silk scarves and the fringe, I understand, was fascinating.

Happy New Year!


What am I sappy cat blogging?

December 13, 2013

A cat named Intrepid, no doubt.

Bonus Cat – His Grace, His Excellency, The Duke of Ankh; Commander Sir Samuel Vimes



What am I sappy cat blogging?

July 26, 2013

This week is a combination of sappy cat and geeky science blogging with this little video about Schrodinger’s Cat:

As a Sappy Cat Bonus, here is Cmdr. Sam Vimes modeling his new doggie hat:

Sam in his doggie hat


What am I sappy cat blogging?

April 26, 2013


Why? – on so many levels.


And why not?  Sam and Murphy.


What am I sappy cat blogging this week?

July 6, 2012

From the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC, again, click here to see the Asian fishing kittens which were recently born.  Unfortunately these lovely animals are endangered due to habitat destruction.

Bonus Sappy Cat photo:

This is Maine Coon kittie, Sam Vimes lounging in the breakfast nook.  (My cats never climb on the furniture.)

Reference and photo credit for the fishing cat: Smithsonian National Zoo.


What am I Sappy Cat Blogging about this week?

April 6, 2012

Once again it is new kitty, Sam Vimes.  Here he right climbs up on the tray to get to the food using the overhead approach to eating.  He’s still keeping me hopping, but relationships with the established cats are much improved.