What am I sappy cat blogging?

January 17, 2014

cat tree1

This wonderful room for cats (thanks again to Katie for the tip).  It is available from a German company called Goldtatze.  Click on this link to see their webpage.

cat tree 3

cat tree 2

All of the cats in the video look pretty blissed out.  I am sure Cmdr. Vimes would love it.


  1. Great to see the Happy Cats! I’ll pass it on to my oldest daughter she might like it for my grand cat.

    • If it were scaled up, I think I would be happy there.

  2. He would be a happy cat. with altitude. and a ceiling fan. a Kowabunga approach to the dismount. I recall some Peanuts cartoons where Snoopy or his cousin would sit on a tree branch and simulate vulture. waiting to pounce. there would be fear and intimidation. and invisible cat. I think you should get one, but no basket!

    • I was going to ask you to build one – with baskets!

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