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Where am I on tattoo Tuesday?

September 16, 2014

Exhib artwork.indd

Still in London – thanks to Butterfly Tales for the above . . .

Exhib artwork.indd For more literary maps – click here.

And the tattoos:

london tattoos




Where am I sightseeing?

September 15, 2014

londonTHE-BLACK-FRIAR-T33127_K910120Black Friars Pub

All too often I come across photos or stories or memories of interesting or magnificent places that have been lost to history. This post is about hidden architectural treasures in London which still exist – including a wonderful photo of the interior of the iconic Battersea Power Station.  They have been captured in the book, London: Hidden Interiors.

The Guardian has a wonderful SLIDE SHOW of photographs from the book.

london masonic templeMasonic Temple

Photographs by Derrek Kendall; the book is by Phillip Davies.



What am I watching – in the 17th century?

November 4, 2013

A team of six students from De Montfort University in Leicester have turned a historic map into a realistic and detailed 3D animation of Tudor London.

The video shows the area around Pudding Lane in the City of London before the Great Fire of 1666. Some of the buildings are hypothetical, but all streets are based on original maps of the area.

The animation has won the top prize in a competition to produce a 3D animation of a real historic setting, run by The British Library and video game developers GameCity and Crytek.

“The haze effect lying over the city is brilliant,” says Tom Harper, panel judge and curator at the British Library. “Great attention has been given to key features of London, complete with glittering window casements and other atmospheric cues.”

Thanks to Judy for the reference.