Where am I on tattoo Tuesday?

September 16, 2014

Exhib artwork.indd

Still in London – thanks to Butterfly Tales for the above . . .

Exhib artwork.indd For more literary maps – click here.

And the tattoos:

london tattoos




  1. Ok is that a metal ring in someone’s back? May I say yuck! Love Butterfly Tales poster. Fun Tuesday as always 🙂

    • I think that is a belly button location for the ring. Seems itchy to me.

  2. That “Frankenstein” station on the second (Tube) map? That’s Uxbridge, where I worked for three years whilst in Ol’ Blighty. Quite clever, those maps!

    • I think they are fun, too!

  3. Think how one could stretch the scale of the inked tube maps with a few pints of bitter every day and a full shepherds pie to wash them down with…

    • (Mis)quoting the melancholy Dane in a much cheerier context, ‘Tis a consumption devoutly to be wished!

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