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What am I noting on tattoo Tuesday?

March 31, 2015

 eiffel4The Eiffel Tower opened 126 years ago today.

Have I mentioned that the Tower is one of my Favorite buildings?

DSC01715This photo is from my recent trip to Las Vegas.  We stayed at Paris Las Vegas.  The tower in this photo is half the size of the original.

Here is a nice story about Eiffel Tower history in the Christian Science Monitor.

It was also featured today on the Google search banner.126th-anniversary-of-the-public-opening-of-the-eiffel-tower-4812727050567680-hp

It is not a surprise that this beautiful, iconic image is also popular as a tattoo design:




 Paris is always a good idea.


What am I looking at?

October 22, 2014


If you stand underneath the Eiffel Tower at night, this is the view you will have.


And this is what it looks like in daylight.

The Eiffel Tower is my all time favorite building- edging out the Chrysler Building and the Terminal Tower in MHT.

Some facts:

The tower weighs around 10,000 tonnes.

There are just over 18,000 metallic parts in the tower, held together by 2.5 million rivets.

They were assembled by 121 workers, while 50 engineers and designers produced the blueprints.

It shrinks by about six inches in cold weather, and can grow by six inches on a sunny day.

It’s painted with 60 tons of paint every few years to stop it rusting.

It sways a couple of inches in the wind.

It’s the most-visited paid monument on Earth.

The photos and the facts are from Buzzfeed.


Scans of the original blueprints and a 360 degree tour can be found at the Eiffel Tower website.


What am I drinking?

October 6, 2014


I dream of drinking coffee from this wonderful, steam-punky, gothic coffee maker from Dutch Lab

Here is a detail


These are some of their other products



Here is an architectural model that resembles the Eiffel Tower.

How would the coffee taste anything but marvelous when it comes from one of these machines?

Ref: Hovercraft Doggy