What am I eating?

October 8, 2014


I love the Serious Eats newsletter and have found some truly terrific recipes there (thanks, Jessica, for telling me about it!)

I had to share this posting, however, about all the food at IKEA.  Some people, apparently go there for the food.


I have never eaten there.  I once had a hot dog there.  Don’t go by my experience.  This article is a wonderful field guide for people who not only are fans of the flat-pack, but also of the pannkakor.


and the Pastej Krabba.



  1. Food at Ikea? Who knew? (I think I’d like to try that Smorgaskaviar!)

    • Nothing says fine dining like caviar in a toothpaste tube!

  2. The lingonberries make a nice basting sauce when combined with dubonet (or port) and melted butter for your Swedish-American Thanksgiving turkey. (or am I the only one who does this?)

    • What a terrific idea – I like the lingonberry alternative to crans – and port and butter make everything better!

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