What is tattoo Tuesday about about?

October 7, 2014


On October 7, 1806, carbon paper was patented by Ralph Wedgewood.  According to TopTenZ, carbon paper and 9 other things, have been rendered obsolete by today’s technology.

From Wiki: Ralph Wedgwood (1766–1837) was an English inventor and member of the Wedgwood family of potters. His most notable invention was the earliest form of carbon paper, a method of creating duplicate paper documents, which he called “stylographic writer” or Noctograph.


The tattoo above represents a 60 carbon molecule “buckyball” unfolded.  Says the tattooee . . .

I didn’t want to choose an ordinary representation of carbon for my…uh…lifetime ink commitment. Behold the carbon 60 molecule, which just happens to fit my idea and look ridiculously cool, especially when “unfolded.”  I initially wanted the design to be small and discreet, but my tattoo artist thought it was such a cool design that he insisted I get it bigger. I’m happy I took his advice.


Others have opted for the symbol for the element Carbon . . .

carbon tattoo

and for a stylized representation of a carbon atom.



  1. How organic 😉

    • Ouch!

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