Where am I sightseeing?

September 15, 2014

londonTHE-BLACK-FRIAR-T33127_K910120Black Friars Pub

All too often I come across photos or stories or memories of interesting or magnificent places that have been lost to history. This post is about hidden architectural treasures in London which still exist – including a wonderful photo of the interior of the iconic Battersea Power Station.  They have been captured in the book, London: Hidden Interiors.

The Guardian has a wonderful SLIDE SHOW of photographs from the book.

london masonic templeMasonic Temple

Photographs by Derrek Kendall; the book is by Phillip Davies.



  1. Ooooh…shiny! Thanks for the link, I enjoyed the slideshow immensely. I’m a big, BIG Anglophile and the USAF drug me kicking and screaming to Heathrow when my three-year tour in London was over. I’ve been back two or three times since but there are still hundreds (or more) things I have left to do there… and your post added a few things to that list.

    • I envy you your three years in London!

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