What is tattoo Tuesday about?

July 30, 2013

corn flakesToday is Cornflake Day.

The invention of cornflakes was the result of a failed attempt by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, back in 1894, to create a healthful snack for patients at his sanitarium out of some stale grain. Dr. Kellogg had some strange ideas about health and well-being. You can read more about them here (bizarre alert.) 

The flakes that resulted from his experimentation were a success.  Dr. Kellogg and his brother tried the process with other grains including corn, and a cereal empire was born.

In addition to being a part of Kellogg’s astounding number of breakfast cereals, cornflakes can also be used in recipes, such as these from Pepper: Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies: Genius with a Touch of B*tch.

A cornflake tattoo?  I could not find one.  This is the closest I came:


By the way, did you know that Butterfinger candy bars are made with corn flakes that have been sweetened, mixed with peanut butter, and covered in chocolate?  I didn’t either.


  1. Must have coooookies now!

    • Yep – I’m making these!

  2. So that’s where the crunch comes from.

    • I know!

  3. finished! yum.

    • Yum!

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