What battle am I talking about today?

July 31, 2013

This is the Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria, site of the Battle of Alexandria on July 31, 30 BC.   Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, Alexandria was one of the greatest cities in the world under European influence for over 300 years.  The battle, which pitted the forces of Octavian against those of Mark Antony, marked the end of Rome as a republic and the beginning of the empire.  Mark Antony’s defeat at the battle let to his suicide, as well as that of Cleopatra. Alexandria’s fortunes ebbed and flowed over the centuries under the rule of Europeans, Arabs and the Ottoman Empire at various times.  Modern Alexandria is a prosperous seaport and industrial center.

Ancient Alexandria

Modern Alexandria

Don’t get me started about the Library at Alexandria – you know how I get.


Science & Society

Cambridge Ancient History

This is a re-posting.  Unfortunately, the current religio-political situation in Egypt is having negative repercussions across that country, including Alexandria.  Financial news from today.


  1. Battle of Actium!!!!!

    Poor Chicago fared little better at the hands of Moodys et al this week.

    • Yes – but that is not until September 2 (31 BC)

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