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What am I all wrapped up in?

October 24, 2017

“Inspired by watching a single goldfish swimming around in a goldfish bowl, Japanese designer Daisuke Akiyama came up with a rather ingenious product: goldfish bubble wrap. By reinventing the standard packaging material, Akiyama – part of the design studio HAFT DESIGN – created the subtle yet magical illusion of miniature goldfish swimming around in each bubble. “We usually have an inclination to pop bubble wrap,” says Akiyama. “But by printing goldfish I’ve made it psychologically more difficult to pop.”

Unfortunately, it’s only a prototype and isn’t available for purchase. But word has it that Akiyama is working on commercializing his novel idea. It would make the perfect summer present, or at least the perfect wrapping.”

From Spoon & Tamago


What am I sappy goldfish blogging?

November 21, 2014


Not real goldfish, of course, but little goldfish teabags swimming in your cup.  If you can get around thinking about what fish do in the water . . . .




These little darlings are from Charm Villa.

Thanks to Katie for the tip.