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What am I bakery blogging?

June 1, 2018

Today is Doughnut Day and I would like to mention the Blue Goose Market and Bakery in Hancock, Maryland.

What you can find there are the finest apple cider doughnuts on the planet.

They have other bakery, too.

And bears and other gifts, as well as fruit in season.

They are located near the intersection of I68 and I70 in Hancock.  Look for the big flag.

Image result for blue goose market hancock



What am I shopping for?

August 3, 2015


organic vegetables

Krispy Kreme doughnutsThanks, Taneisha!


What celebration did I miss?

June 9, 2015

This first Friday in June is doughnut day.  I hope you did not miss it. We celebrated by taking a small road trip to the town of Wooster.  Wooster is a small college town in Ohio.  It has lots of trees, fine old buildings, good restaurants, two great bookstores, and donuts!

The key to this post is that Lerch’s donuts is located just a little north of town.  Lerch’s donuts are unlike any other.


They are made on site.  They melt in your mouth.  They come in three flavors – plain, sugared, or cinnamon.


The donuts are made in a little food truck parked in a defunct shopping plaza (and at select locations around the area.)


Their website says:

Lerch’s Donuts was founded in 1933 by John Lerch, Sr., when he developed a method of frying soft cake donuts that are not greasy at his downtown Wooster bakery.

In 1934, he began producing Lerch’s Donuts at the Wayne County fair, soon becoming the #1 food vendor at the fair. Many things have changed since the 1930s; the bakery has closed, but not the recipe or popularity of Lerch’s Donuts.

Mobile concession trailers are located at the former Hawkins Market (Portage Square Plaza, Wooster, Ohio) and other various locations in season (spring – fall).

donut5Wooster – come for the books,  stay for the donuts.







What is the bakery blogumentary about?

December 22, 2013

This time, the Bakery Blogumentary features Honey Fluff Donuts in Ukiah, California.  In August, we took a road trip from Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California.  While driving on Rt 101 near Ukiah, California, we spotted this sign from the road and said, “donuts!” in unison.

IMG_2492  It was lunchtime.  We had to stop. And there were donuts.


And more donuts.



And, I never would have guessed it, but they also had noodle bowls.


And so did we.

DSC01094It’s worth a stop.


What am I celebrating?

June 5, 2013

The new Dunkin Donuts glazed Donut egg and bacon sandwich

Happy National Doughnut Day!

In case anyone missed it on the news, Duncan Donuts came up with a wonderful idea that happens to coincide with this holiday.  Read here from the Boston Herald:

The  . . . coffee and doughnut chain is introducing a new breakfast item that sandwiches cherrywood-smoked bacon slices and pepper fried egg between a sliced glazed doughnut.

The full story is here.

I heard on NPR that this delicacy actually has fewer calories than the chain’s sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.  I’ll take two!


What was for breakfast this morning?

July 26, 2012

Doughnuts again – and they were so photogenic, I just had to take their picture. They are all gone now because I took them to work.


What am I craving?

July 20, 2012

I’m still thinking about my doughnut, bacon, maple post from last week.

I was recently on a road trip and stopped (twice) at a doughnut shop (Dunkin Donuts) and was dismayed at the poor quality of the product.  These shops advertise that they offer quality goods, (mostly) twenty-four hours a day.  Not this time.  The donuts were stale.

A bit later, on another trip, I encountered a stellar doughnut shop, on my way to the airport in Roanoke, Virginia (Krispy Kreme).  It was all one could expect – friendly, white-haired ladies in aprons at the counter, a bright, clean shop, a wide selection of fresh, fresh doughnuts,  a wonderful aroma.  Doughnut heaven.

I know this is a frivolous post and doughnuts are nutritional instruments of the devil, but oh they can be so good.  We don’t have many doughnut shops where I live. Ich ben wanting ein berliner.

Jelly doughnut ref: Serious Eats


What is voodoo doughnut bacon maple ale?

July 12, 2012

I just saw this title in an email message.  I don’t know what it is, but I feel faint.

Doughnut bacon maple, doughnut bacon maple, doughnut bacon maple.

This may replace “Om” for me.

Forget the voodoo and the ale.