What am I craving?

July 20, 2012

I’m still thinking about my doughnut, bacon, maple post from last week.

I was recently on a road trip and stopped (twice) at a doughnut shop (Dunkin Donuts) and was dismayed at the poor quality of the product.  These shops advertise that they offer quality goods, (mostly) twenty-four hours a day.  Not this time.  The donuts were stale.

A bit later, on another trip, I encountered a stellar doughnut shop, on my way to the airport in Roanoke, Virginia (Krispy Kreme).  It was all one could expect – friendly, white-haired ladies in aprons at the counter, a bright, clean shop, a wide selection of fresh, fresh doughnuts,  a wonderful aroma.  Doughnut heaven.

I know this is a frivolous post and doughnuts are nutritional instruments of the devil, but oh they can be so good.  We don’t have many doughnut shops where I live. Ich ben wanting ein berliner.

Jelly doughnut ref: Serious Eats


  1. You can’t drive a mile without making contact with deep fried doughy treats in my neck of the woods. Maybe that’s why I went back to weight watchers today. My post is, also, about baked goods. Is there something in the air?

    • Luscious bread photos on your post! Apparently we both saw the “knead” to “rise” and post about bakery, rather than “loafing” around. Sorry.

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