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What am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

February 17, 2015

cherry month

In addition to all of the other wonderful things that we celebrate in February, it is also National Cherry Month.

Why February, when cherry season is months away?  I don’t know.

Cherries are stone fruit – like apricots, peaches, and plums.  They are members of the genus Prunus.

The English word cherry, French cerise, Spanish cereza, and Turkish kiraz all derive from the classical Greek (κέρασος) through the Latin cerasum, which referred to the ancient Greek place name Cerasus, today the city of Giresun in northern Turkey in the ancient Pontus region, from which the cherry was first exported to Europe. The ancient Greek word κερασός “cherry” itself is thought to be derived from a pre-Greek Anatolian language. – Wikipedia

The top five cherry producing nations are Turkey, United States, Iran, Italy and Spain.

This is also a good time to trot out my Chocolate, chocolate, cherry, oatmeal, cookie recipe.  Also known as the Best Cookies You Have Ever Eaten.  See the recipe at this link.

Here is a tattoo . . .

cherry tattoo