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What cheesy holiday am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

June 2, 2015

Smile and say, “Velveeta!”

On this day in 1928, Velveeta Cheese was first introduced.  This is the same year Mickey Mouse was introduced to the world.  Coincidence . . .?

cheeseVelveeta is that yellow brick of cheese food that melts smoothly over everything. describes it as,

“… a blend of colby and cheddar cheeses with emulsifiers and salt. The ingredients are heated until liquified, packaged in aluminum foil, then cooled.”

Is there a Velveeta tattoo?  I could not find one, but I did find these cheese tattoos, including a GALLERY of tattoos from a wildly successful local restaurant chain, MELT, that will give anyone a 25% discount on meals (forever) if they get a tattoo of one of Melt’s approved logos.


This restaurant features huge sandwiches heavy on the grilled cheese with names such as:

Parmageddon / potato & onion pierogi, fresh napa vodka kraut, sautéed onions, sharp cheddar

The Dude Abides / homemade meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, basil marinara, roasted garlic, provolone & romano

Lake Erie Monster / crispy battered jumbo cod, sweet slaw, jalapeno tartar sauce, american

More cheese tattoos:


cheese tattoo2

cheese tattoo1.fw



What am I celebrating today?

June 2, 2014


Velveeta Cheese Day

Year It Began: 1928

Bite of History: When Kraft first brought Velveeta to market, they declared it to “always melt perfectly.” Velveeta’s ads instructed housewives to melt a 1/2 lb. of the “famous cheese food” and gradually stir in 1/4 cup of milk. We know what you’re thinking, they were suggesting to use it to make macaroni and cheese, right? Not quite. That “sauce” was recommended it be served, “over toasted sandwiches of peanut butter and sweet pickle relish.” Hmm…

Prior to the launch of Velveeta, Kraft spent several years researching the nutritional benefits of whey, the bi-product that is part of the cheese-making process. In 1931, the American Medical Association gave Velveeta its official seal of approval. When the product was released there in 1937, it became so wildly popular in Germany that the plant in Lindenberg could not keep up with demand. In 1953, it was introduced as a spread with less fat and fewer calories. Over the years, Velveeta has been slightly altered and new varieties have been introduced including its newest member, Spicy Buffalo.

Fun Fact: The brand name Velveeta was intended to convey the product’s velvety texture.

Ref: Delish – the History of Velveeta

I was at the big CWRU Annual Book Sale  this weekend.  One of the treasures I found was an older Velveeta Cookbook to add to my collection.



I have a friend who named her orange tabby Velveeta.


What personality test am I taking?

January 13, 2014


This is a personality test from TIME magazine and purports to predict your politics from your answers to a few simple questions.  I was guided to this test by Buck and am shamelessly stealing it.

Take the test yourself and see how accurate it is.

But if that is not working for you, go over to BuzzFeed and check your cheese horoscope.


As a Libra, I am . . . “skilled in the art of relaxation and taking a time-out when you need to; friends are totes jealous of your laid-back ‘tude. You enjoy the challenge of making delicious and inventive dishes, and take much pleasure in the small things in life, like enjoying a meal with friends. Go for something involving a little effort: Savor the experience of making a cheese like raclette as a fondue or melted with your favorite ingredients.”