What personality test am I taking?

January 13, 2014


This is a personality test from TIME magazine and purports to predict your politics from your answers to a few simple questions.  I was guided to this test by Buck and am shamelessly stealing it.

Take the test yourself and see how accurate it is.

But if that is not working for you, go over to BuzzFeed and check your cheese horoscope.


As a Libra, I am . . . “skilled in the art of relaxation and taking a time-out when you need to; friends are totes jealous of your laid-back ‘tude. You enjoy the challenge of making delicious and inventive dishes, and take much pleasure in the small things in life, like enjoying a meal with friends. Go for something involving a little effort: Savor the experience of making a cheese like raclette as a fondue or melted with your favorite ingredients.”


  1. No no no nonononono! I’m the toasted cheese and bacon type. There has been a grievous error. I would like to see the manager.

    • Ha Ha! I did not see that one on the list. You must have a strange birthday, space alien.

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