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I’m lichen it

August 15, 2018


Ceramic artist Olivia Walker throws precise porcelain forms, then covers them in paper-thin accretions. Using porcelain, these organic, lichen-like growths speak of organisms – fungus, coral and bacteria – growing over and devouring the form beneath. Olivia Walker’s current body of work looks at the fine line between growth and decay.


What am I throwing?

February 26, 2018


I found this video on the site “This Week’s Top 7 Smart Videos”

I think this technique and it’s execution is pretty cool.


Why are ceramic artists so good at dealing with failure?

January 10, 2018

photo: deightonceramics

“In mid-November, Jennie Jieun Lee was moving a life-size ceramic sculpture of a woman out of her studio. The piece, which had taken her a few months to create, was about to be photographed, ahead of its debut at a Miami art fair just weeks later. But Lee’s dolly hit a bump, and the ceramic figure toppled to the floor. It was shattered irreparably.

What exactly makes clay so volatile? Issues can arise at the earliest stages, from the moistness of the material to the way it’s kneaded and stored. If clay is too wet or too dry, it can collapse or crumble; if its parts are improperly attached, it can break; if it’s not “bone dry” when it’s fired, the piece may crack or explode in the kiln.

photo: deightonceramics

Glazing, too, is notoriously tricky; if the coating is too thick or too thin, the desired results are impossible. Plus, chemical reactions between clay and glaze can cause things like “shivering,” when a glaze cracks and flakes off a piece’s surface. And firing is a science all its own, which, when executed poorly, can also lead to cracks and explosions. Indeed, ceramists are not only challenged to achieve feats of dexterity and creativity, but also chemistry. Of course, even when a piece is complete, there’s ample danger of the fragile material breaking.”
Why do it at all?
“There is such thrill in opening a kiln door after a work has been fired,” Wedel explains. “There is so much hope and so much wonder. The material has the final say over who you are as an artist. It can be both humbling and humiliating, and not many artists are okay with that.”
I don’t typically take photos of my failures, but I do have my share of them.  I follow The Potters Motto:  Make another one; just make another one.
My recent firing – It was a good day
Full story by Cassie Lasser on Artsy

Whose work do I find amazing?

March 2, 2017


More at her website


At what am I marveling?

November 28, 2016




“Merging botanical forms from England with the delicate plant shapes from her childhood in Japan, ceramic artist Hitomi Hosono produces delicate layered sculptures that appear as frozen floral arrangements. Often monochromatic, the works are focused on carved detail rather than color—repetition of form making each piece uniquely beautiful.” – Colossal

Hosono works in porcelain.  As a potter myself, I find her work absolutely amazing – and not just a little OCD.





What am I throwing?

February 11, 2016

A handmade ceramic pot serves as an ingenious zoetrope-like animation device in this collaborative video. The video was created by animator Jim Le Fevre, filmmaker Mike Paterson, and ceramicists Roops and Al Johnstone of RAMP. It was commissioned by the UK-based Crafts Council.  – from Laughing Squid

I admire the concept and the skill.


What did I open on tattoo Tuesday?

December 2, 2014

9cc182ee-8f17-40d9-bb47-5098e8c71da0This is the glow from my kiln when it is being fired . . .

DSC01585The opening: the view inside after it has cooled (a little) . . .

DSC00550Moustache mugs bisque fired and waiting to be glazed . . .


DSC01584The finished product . . .

And, of course, some ‘stache tattoos:



mustache tattoo2


What am I watching today?

November 13, 2014


Thanks to Katie for this link.