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What am I commemorating today?

June 17, 2014


June 17, 1775 marks the battle of Bunker Hill depicted in this painting by Howard Pyle.

 The battle which took place early in the American Revolution, is named for Bunker Hill which was the original objective of the battle, although most of the fighting took place on and around Breed’s Hill.


In the aftermath, it was revealed that,

The British had taken the ground but at a great loss; they had suffered 1,054 casualties (226 dead and 828 wounded), with a disproportionate number of these officers. The casualty count was the highest suffered by the British in any single encounter during the entire war. General Clinton, echoing Pyrrhus of Epirus, remarked in his diary that “A few more such victories would have shortly put an end to British dominion in America.” – ref. Wikipedia

A Pyrrhic victory, indeed.  In this battle the colonial combatants proved their ability to stand up to regular British forces.


The Bunker Hill monument is above, and below some tattoos that follow today’s theme:

bunker minuteman tattoo

bunker tattoo join or die

bunker rev tattoo