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April 24, 2015

Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong


If you love dumplings as much as you love Hello Kitty, it’s time to book a flight: the first Hello Kitty dim sum restaurant in the world is now open in Hong Kong.


Hello Kitty Chunanoki opened in Yaumatei on April 16 and fans waited for hours to snag one of the 80 seats so they could enjoy some of the 37 Hello Kitty dim sum options. Every part of the restaurant is themed, from the tables, glass chandeliers, to the wall artwork. Even the chopstick holders are shaped in the form of Hello Kitty’s iconic hair bow.

For devoted fans, Hello Kitty decor simply isn’t enough, sometimes you just want to eat her face. I say that in the most adoring of ways. The restaurant serves traditional dim sum items, all with a Hello Kitty twist. Rice and noodle dishes come family-style in the shape of her head, while traditional dim sum options like custard-filled steamed buns and pork bao are irresistible when adorned with Hello Kitty’s wide-eyed expression.


Cuteness knows no bounds when you open up the lid of a bamboo steamer and see steaming Hello Kitty manju staring back at you. Even the popular dim sum dish har gow gets the Hello Kitty treatment. The thinly wrapped plump shrimp dumplings somehow taste even better when embellished with tiny pink edible bows.

The restaurant will only be open for a 2-3 month trial period so Hello Kitty fans will have to act fast to get their kawaii dim sum fix. Check out the video above for an up close look at the interior and unabashed kitty-adorableness.

Images via Jetsoclub and Kotaku

Credit: Jenn Fujikawa

And Cynthia Moore

Reblogged from Nerdist


  1. Not very dim sum. 2-3 months?

    • Probably longer – what do you think?
      She’s pretty enduring.

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