What do I find a-maze-ing.2?

March 26, 2015


In 1983, Kazuo Nomura created an incredibly detailed maze, which he then rolled up and stored in the attic.  The maze had taken him 7 years to complete, working in the evenings after he came home from his job.  He worked not as a graphic designer, but as a janitor.

Two years ago his daughter found the maze.  She asked her father if he would consider drawing another one.  His answer was a concise, “no.”

However, late in 2014, Mr. Nomura began creating a new maze – this is what it looks like.



To read more about this story, or to find out where to purchase a print of the maze, go to Spoon and Tomago.

There is an interesting article about mazes and labyrinths at Smithsonian.com, which was written to accompany their “BIG Maze” exhibit that was on display last summer at the National Building Museum.

photo credit: Kevin Allen

What do I find a-maze-ing.1 is here.


  1. I was about to pack for DC Too bad the maze was last year.

    • I missed it also – I’m bummed.

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