What is watermelon Wednesday about?

June 4, 2014

My fascination with watermelon carvings remains unabated. Here are some more that I like including the obligatory baby in the watermelon suit, some interesting facts about watermelons (I did not know that!), and a handy video that shows how to make your own carvings.

watermelon bear

Melons are all “Cucumbers” (Cucurbits or Cucurbitaceae) to the botanist, along with squash, gourds and actual cucumbers. To the agriculturist they are are all “vine crops”. All are technically “fruit” but in culinary practice all are treated as “vegetables” except the melons which are treated as fruit.

Ref: The Clove Garden

watermelon viking

watermelon dragon


Here is how to do it:


  1. Wow!!!!!
    The dragons out of this world 😀

    • Time, patience, creativity and skill!

  2. By coincidence, “Watermelon Wednesdays” is the name of a concert series here in Western Massachusetts.

  3. What fun! – Are there watermelons?

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