What am I LEGO-loving on tattoo Tuesday?

February 11, 2014



The “Sherlock” collection design was created as part of the Lego CUUSOO project, which allows fans to share concepts in the hopes of getting official Lego approval. “Sherlock,” submitted by a user called Flailx, is one of six Lego Review qualifiers for the Winter 2014 slot. Having received support from more than 10,000 Lego fans, the “Sherlock” project is now being reviewed by the company’s designers and product managers.

Read more here.

Thank you, Robb for the link and the continuing cultural enlightenment.

And the tattoos:



I hesitated putting the following one in because at first glance it looks like, you know, but it’s not.



  1. Which “new” Holmes do you like, the British “Sherlock” or American “Elementary”? The British is far better TV but theirs not enough.

    • Well, I watch both versions. I also prefer the British version, too – although they take too long between seasons. I like the Dr. Watson character in Elementary better than the American Sherlock.

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