What am I celebrating?

December 23, 2013


On December 23, the Night of the Radishes is celebrated in Oaxaca.  These impressive root vegetables are left in the ground past their normal harvesting time allowing them to assume fantastic sizes and shapes.  Thought to have originated in 1897 as a strategy by market stand owners to lure worshipers to shop on their way home from church, Oaxacans since that time have been carving radishes into sculptures that are sometimes realistic and sometimes fanciful.

radish3Often the sculptures depict a nativity scene.

radish1But not always.



The festival does not end on December 23, but continues through the Christmas holidays in a curious blending of a harvest festival and religious observance.

To learn 10 facts about radishes, here is an article from the Daily Express.


  1. This is amazing. How big do the radishes get?

    • I’ve read that they can grow up to about 2 feet in length – that would be one big radish!

  2. At the first two pictures I was sure it was lobester art but my hope were dashed when I learned that it was but humble vegetables. Dashed.

    • You can initiate lobester art, if you like. I would be interested.

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