What is tattoo Tuesday about?

October 15, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday is about jellyfish –  because I think they pretty and interesting.  I remember gathering and studying little pink ctenophores – which are comb jellies – relatives of jellyfish, when I was in college on a biology field trip to Chesapeake Bay.  We tromped around the Bay in February, gathering specimens and studying them in the Marine Fisheries Lab nearby.  I was particularly taken with the comb jellies. Their rows of cilia undulated down their bodies, propelling them along.  Fascinating to watch.

comb jelly

Here are the tattoos:

jellyfish 3

jellyfish 2

jellyfish 1


  1. What an interesting video. I had no idea about the jellyfish fluorescent-gene thing being used in medical research disciplines… amazing. I DO know that millions of dead jellies on a beach create quite the stink, though. That phenomenon ruined a few beach days for me in my youth. 😉

    Thanks for that, Anne.

    • Oh – those dead jellyfish is a terrible image. I like them much better floating free – and not too close to where I am swimming.

      • I have to say I prefer them on the beach. I used to make water in the Persian Gulf and sea water intake for the distillers was at the jellyfish layer depth which meant we had to leave a fire hose hooked up to the seachest and blow out a million jellyfish every hour or so in order to keep taking water from the sea and turn it into fresh water. Oh, and to provide suction for the fire pumps and the diesel engine cooling …. Stupid dumb jellyfish.

      • Why, you jellyfish abuser!

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