What am I sappy cat blogging, part II

September 27, 2013

Amazing and beautiful photographs of the Cat’s Paw nebula in the constellation Scorpius taken by the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX) telescope in Chile.

cats paw nebula

and this one:


The story, from Bad Astronomy on Slate, explains that the flame-like filaments of star-forming materials are actually, in this case, mind-bogglingly cold, at around minus 445 degrees Farhenheit.


  1. Beautiful images…Do you fallow APOD?

    • Thanks – yes I do love APOD and often get lost in the images.

  2. You’re sure it’s not the poodle nebula? I mean, I’m seeing poodle.

    • No, it’s not the poodle skirt nebula, nope.

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