What am I Lego loving?

September 29, 2013

lego 1

I admit to a fascination with Lego (see previous, prosthetic post.) I think you can just do anything with them, and so, apparently do a number of artists.  One such artist, Nathan Sawaya, is featured this month in a show at the Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield, Ohio.  Here is the story.

On another subject related to Lego, but not necessarily to art, I came across this faux Lego Breaking Bad construction set, for those who will be missing the series that ends today.  If you have to have one – here’s the link.



  1. OK, I thought the legoman was the won after somebody tore open the place where most people have hearts. 🙂

    • We’re off to see the Lego
      The Wizard of Lego
      If I only had a Lego

  2. I forgot this one – follow the yellow brick

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