What am I celebrating today?

April 22, 2013

american gothic

starry night

mona lisa

Today is National Jelly Bean Day. 

The pictures above are jelly bean art.  These creations are an interesting take on the ancient art of mosaics.  My research indicates that jelly beans themselves may have an ancient history, having evolved from Turkish delight candy – fruit jells coated with powdered sugar.  Advances in manufacturing methods in the late 19th and early 20th centuries enabled candy makers to add a hard sugar shell to soft jell centers and modern jelly beans were created.

Click here for the Mommy Files compilation of the best and worst Jelly Belly flavors.

Click here for a video on how jelly beans are made.


  1. Oh I’ve seen some of these at the local Jelly Belly factory. Pretty amazing!

    • And tasty!

  2. I used to love Just Born jelly beans. But now they have weird flavors, although not as spectacularly strange as Jelly Belly ones.

    • Just born – that’s a great company name. What was your favorite flavor?

      • I think it was the nutmeg ones. Just Born also sells Goldenberg’s Peanut chews (link here: http://www.justborn.com/peanut-chews), which are really good.

      • Yummy!

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