What am I reading?

November 15, 2012

During a wander on the web I came across these terrific tattoos, and the book in which they are described, and the author.  The book is Science Ink and the author is Carl Zimmer.  Zimmer is a renowned and prolific author of books, articles and The Loom, a blog hosted by Discover Magazine.

Tattoos are fascinating to me – running the gamut from “why would anyone do that?” to “oh, look, that is really cool.”   As a science geek, I find the tattoos in the book to be wonderful expressions of creativity by their “science obsessed” owners.  I liked the story about the woman who works with squids and, ostensibly to help her remember squid anatomy, had one tattooed on her foot and ankle.  I am not sure about using it as an aide-memoire, but it is a very cool tattoo of a squid on her foot and ankle.

It also makes me wonder what kinds of tattoos other occupations would inspire.  What would an accountant’s tattoo look like?

To see more, go buy the book.  I did.


  1. So cool! A friend, who owned a teddy bear store , went on her 70th birthday to Hawaii to get a special tattoo of her stores logo!

    • That is a cool idea – and relevant for her. A restaurant here offers a 25% discount on food orders for life to customers who get one of their logos tattooed somewhere on their body. That is quite a commitment to a sandwich. I’m probably not going to get a tattoo – unless I can get one that glows in the dark and flashes different colors.

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