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What am I baking?

February 23, 2017


Homemade croissants – plain and filled with chocolate, or strawberry and cream cheese, or chestnut butter, or nutella.

I would share then recipe with you, but then I’d have to . . . you know.



Who am I featuring on the Bakery Blogumentary?

November 18, 2013

DSC00090 This time the bakery blog went further afield.  The featured bakery is Bread & Cie, located in the Hillcrest area of San Diego.  When we were on the left coast a few months ago, we stopped at Bread and Cie for breakfast and were delighted with the fare.

champagne and cieYou see here a very Parisian baguette avec jambon et fromage and almond croissants with coffee – yum.

Look closely below and you can see the selfie I took in the cafe.  We are sitting by the back wall and I took the photo into a large mirror.

champagne and cie 2

More shots to give you a feel of the place.  I think Bread & Cie is worth checking out if you are in the area.





DSC00091And they have a website:


Who am I featuring on the Bakery Blogumentary?

November 6, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I was lamenting the demise of Hough Bakery in Cleveland.  While I still miss their special treats, I have noticed that there are quite a few newer – and also wonderful – bakeries around.

In this installment of the Bakery Blogumentary, I am featuring Zoss the Swiss Baker.  Zoss is on the route I take to work every day, and it is an easy and quick stop for a croissant, a spinach tart for lunch, a box of cookies for the office (when the minions have been especially good) – so many wonderful things.  Their bakery has a continental favor and it is THE place to go for Bavarian pretzels, palmiers, macaroons, croissants, chocolate papillons.

I would love to show you a photo of the hazelnut macaroon I purchased this morning, but it just disappeared somehow – sorry.

zoss 2Perfect, flaky, buttery croissants.

zoss 7These are chocolate papillons.

zoss 5

zoss 4

zoss 3Selections from the pastry counters.

zoss 6

This post would not be complete without mentioning the bread and rolls that Zoss produces from their magical ovens. We are fortunate that Zoss bread is also available in local supermarkets so it is possible to find even when the mothership is closed.    They always do something special for the holidays – I’m looking forward to that.

Did I mention the brioche?