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Where am I living now?

January 7, 2019


I found this little gem of a photo series on my weekly fish through the LIFE archives, accompanied by just a few clues to the full story behind it. Filed under “Underground House in Denver, photographed in 1964 by Robert W Kelley”, I did a quick Google search of underground homes built or exhibited in 1964. The most relevant result I found was the Wikipedia page of an American businessman and philanthropist called Girard B. Henderson, who pioneered underground living and sponsored the Underground Home exhibit at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. But he also built homes in Colorado and Las Vegas, the latter of which you might remember we visited when it re-surfaced on the real estate market in 2013 for $1.7 million.

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What do we remember today?

April 10, 2014


On April 10, 1963, the nuclear submarine Thresher was lost when it was doing scheduled depth tests off the continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean.  The disaster and the reasons behind it have been shrouded in secrecy.  This secrecy was the order of the day during the Cold War, but still exists, especially when it talking about the submarine fleet.

Here is an article published last year on the 50th anniversary of the Thresher’s loss.  It appeared in the Navy Times.



And here is the Ballad of the Thresher by the Kingston Trio:


What am I impressed by?

February 28, 2012

I guess when you build them right, they last.  To fill the void in the program to build a new long-range bomber, the U.S. Air Force has turned to the B-52.  The first stratofortress made it maiden flight in 1952 and was the backbone of the Cold War (cue Dr. Strangelove.)

Tricked out with new radar, brakes and electronic equipment, these planes will carry advanced cruise missiles that will run the interference on air defenses.  The story here predicts that the planes in this program will fly through 2040 – almost a century of service – wow.