What do we remember today?

April 10, 2014


On April 10, 1963, the nuclear submarine Thresher was lost when it was doing scheduled depth tests off the continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean.  The disaster and the reasons behind it have been shrouded in secrecy.  This secrecy was the order of the day during the Cold War, but still exists, especially when it talking about the submarine fleet.

Here is an article published last year on the 50th anniversary of the Thresher’s loss.  It appeared in the Navy Times.



And here is the Ballad of the Thresher by the Kingston Trio:


  1. It’s hard for me to believe that the Permit class was still going strong when I joined the navy. It was kind of like the B52s. It had two missions that were unique to it which many people thought required that the class be retained in service long after it should have left the fleet. We basically scrapped one mission altogether and modified some of the LA class to perform the other mission.
    I was not float tested for submarine duty and turned down the many kind offers of the Navy and Admiral Rickover to come be part of his nuclear force for good.

    • You aren’t actually saying that B52s are obsolete? Next thing you will say that the C47 is too old to fly!

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