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Whose birthday am I celebrating?

September 20, 2017

Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds was the captain of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity. During the Unification War, Mal fought for the Independents and was the highest ranking Browncoat to participate in and survive the Battle of Serenity Valley.

Mal was born on September 20, 2468 and was brought up on a ranch on the planet Shadow. Raised by his mother and “about 40 hands,” Mal apparently received a fairly decent education growing up. Though Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he occasionally surprised his friends by displaying familiarity in a wide range of literature varying from the works of Shan Yu, a psychotic dictator, to poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He does, however, have no idea “who” Mona Lisa was.

Quote: I’ll take the shuttle in closer. Zoe, ship is yours. Remember, if anything happens to me, or you don’t hear from me within the hour… you take this ship and you come and you rescue me.

Ref: Firefly Wiki


Whose birthday do I celebrate today?

March 8, 2017

Today is the birthdate of my blog namesake, Anne Bonney.  She was born Anne McCormac, or Cormac, in or around Cork, Ireland in 1702, or thereabouts.

Operating mainly in the Caribbean,  she is associated in her pirating exploits, with Calico Jack Rackham and Mary Read.  Possessed of red hair and a fiery temper, Anne was a strong and independent woman whose history may be sketchy, but who lives on in legend.


What am I celebrating?

January 23, 2017

Today is my Sweet Patootie’s Birthday!  So enjoy this clip from the group known as My Sweet Patootie (how appropriate.) For those of you who may not know, “sweet patootie” refers to one’s sweetheart and is a term of endearment.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Patootie!


Whose birthday am I noting today?

December 6, 2016

Image result for st nicholas

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, children, brewers, pawnbrokers and students in various cities and countries around Europe.  Today is his feast day.  Christmas is just around the corner.



Whose birthday am I noting on tattoo Tuesday?

November 29, 2016

alcott2Today is Louisa May Alcott’s birthday.  She was born in Philadelphia in 1832.

“Alcott, a suffragist, abolitionist and feminist as well as a writer, was born in Pennsylvania in 1832. She volunteered as a nurse during the American Civil War and was active in the women’s suffrage movement; she became the first woman to register to vote in Concord, Mass.

As a novelist, Little Women was her first success. The book is a semi-autobiographical account of the lives of four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March, from childhood to womanhood. Written in two parts in 1880, the novel was so successful initially that it sold out and it has remained a popular children’s classic more than 100 years later.” – Time


This quotation is from Little Women.


Whose birthday am I celebrating?

October 28, 2016

liberty1The Statue of Liberty was unveiled on October 28, 1886.  Today is her 130th birthday.

The President was Grover Cleveland and he dedicated the statue at the unveiling ceremony.

On that day, the New York Times described the event:

“All day yesterday people came to the city in droves to participate in to-day’s celebration. Extra heavily loaded trains, much behind schedule time, were the rule on every railroad entering the city. Every hotel was crowded to its utmost capacity last night, and there was hardly one of the better known hotels which did not have to turn away hundreds of would be guests.”


Grover Cleveland by Anders Zorn

The ceremony included speeches by the president and famed French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps, among others, as well as music and gun salvo. The finale? The statue’s designer, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, who was perched in the statue’s torch, pulled a rope removing a large French flag from the front of the statue, revealing Lady Liberty’s face to the crowd.



What am I celebrating ?

April 26, 2016

richter Moment Magnitude Chart


richterToday is Richter Scale Day when we commemorate the birth of Charles Richter.  In 1935, the seismologists Charles Francis Richter and Beno Gutenberg, of the California Institute of Technology, developed the (future) Richter magnitude scale, specifically for measuring earthquakes in a given area of study in California, as recorded and measured with the Wood-Anderson torsion seismograph. Richter derived his earthquake-magnitude scale from the apparent magnitude scale used to measure the brightness of stars.

Richter’s scale (which has been replaced by the Moment Magnitude Scale) measures the magnitude of an earthquake.  The magnitude value is proportional to the logarithm of the amplitude of the strongest wave during an earthquake.

This very cool video explains magnitude . . .

Adapted from Wikipedia




What am I celebrating today?

March 8, 2016

pirate flag

Today is the birthday of my nom de blog, Anne Bonney, born in 1702 in Kinsale, Ireland.



Read more here.

It is tattoo Tuesday:

pirate tattoo


Whose birthday am I celebrating?

February 17, 2016

There’s no night without stars.


Andre Norton was born February 17, 1912 in my fair city.  Born Alice Mary, she began writing when she was still a student at Collinwood High School.  At Western Reserve University she was training to become a teacher.  The Great Depression derailed those plans and she entered employment in the city’s public library system.  I can’t help but think all those books in the young adult section had a formative influence on her prolific output. She initially wrote historical fiction, but her later works include fantasy, science fiction and even crime fiction.


Find her bibliography here.


Whose birthday am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

December 8, 2015

eli whitney

Eli Whitney was born on the day is 1765 in Westboro, Massachusetts.  Although known for inventing the cotton gin, a machine that greatly simplified the process of removing the seeds of the cotton plant from the fiber, he should also be remembered for pioneering the idea of interchangeable parts for machinery – important ideas for the rise of industrialism.  Click here for a short biography.

It is Tuesday – so here is the tattoo du jour: