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Whose birthday am I celebrating?

October 28, 2016

liberty1The Statue of Liberty was unveiled on October 28, 1886.  Today is her 130th birthday.

The President was Grover Cleveland and he dedicated the statue at the unveiling ceremony.

On that day, the New York Times described the event:

“All day yesterday people came to the city in droves to participate in to-day’s celebration. Extra heavily loaded trains, much behind schedule time, were the rule on every railroad entering the city. Every hotel was crowded to its utmost capacity last night, and there was hardly one of the better known hotels which did not have to turn away hundreds of would be guests.”


Grover Cleveland by Anders Zorn

The ceremony included speeches by the president and famed French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps, among others, as well as music and gun salvo. The finale? The statue’s designer, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, who was perched in the statue’s torch, pulled a rope removing a large French flag from the front of the statue, revealing Lady Liberty’s face to the crowd.