What am I celebrating today?

March 1, 2016


St David is the patron saint of Wales.  March 1 is his feast day.

Saint David (Welsh: Dewi Sant) was born towards the end of the 5th century. He was a scion of the royal house of Ceredigion, and founded a Celtic monastic community at Glyn Rhosyn (The Vale of Roses) on the western headland of Pembrokeshire (Welsh: Sir Benfro) at the spot where St David’s Cathedral stands today.


Many Welsh people wear one or both of the National symbols of Wales to celebrate St. David: the daffodil (a generic Welsh symbol) or the leek (Saint David’s personal symbol) on this day. The leek arises from an occasion when a troop of Welsh were able to distinguish each other from a troop of English enemy dressed in similar fashion by wearing leeks.

Source – Wikipedia

It is also tattoo Tuesday . . .

St David leek

St David-double-daffodil



  1. I forget t it was St David’s day. I’m told both Gramdpas were Welsh. I’ll wear me leeks tomorrow. Thanks

    • Croeso mawr!

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