What am I looking out for on tattoo Tuesday?

March 10, 2015

Today in 537 the first Siege of Rome and the start of the First Gothic War.  Actually, Rome had been sacked by the Goths in 410.
goths of spain

No, not these Goths . . .

goths attachI’m talking about these Goths . . .


General Belisarius was appointed by Justinian I to take back Rome.  He entered Italy from the east and rapidly took Sicily.

Gothic_War_-_First_Phase,_535-540.svgMap credit Cplakidas

Europe was a pretty disorganized place in those days after the fall of the Roman Empire.  Here is a clever graphic depicting the changes in power.

220px-Roman_Republic_Empire_mapFrom Wikipedia.

It would not be Tuesday without a tattoo.  Here’s a Gothic one . . .

gothic tattoo


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