Where am I living? Aladdin Homes

January 28, 2015

alladin home1

Another interesting company that participated in the kit house phenomenon was Aladdin Homes of Bay City, Michigan.  Aladdin was one of the most successful “readi-cut” home builders.  In its seventy-year history, the company sold over 75,000 homes and remained successful, solvent and family-owned from 1906 until its closing in 1981.

In a fold-out flyer sent with the 1925 catalog, the company listed by name and city more than 1000 builders of Aladdin homes as well as government and corporate customers including the State of Michigan, the president of Liberia, Dow Chemical Co., Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. and Standard Oil.

Advertised as “Readi-cut” and “Built in a Day,” Aladdin and other kit home manufacturers revolutionized home buying and building for the middle class. From tiny workingman’s cottages to the thrifty investor, Aladdin homes provided a solid value and easy construction.

More history of the company and the houses here.




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