What is tattoo Tuesday about?

December 16, 2014


Today is the anniversary of  the Boston Tea Party, which took place at Griffin’s Wharf on the evening of December 16, 1773, with the tossing of about 92,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor.  This was in protest to taxes imposed on tea sold in the colonies to help mediate the losses Britain suffered in the French & Indian War.  The colonists’ view was that they were being taxed unfairly because they had no representation in Parliament where these tax laws were enacted.


Many of the protesters were Boston citizens of English descent, but men came from a wide area to participate in the Tea Party.  The party participants were also of Irish, Scottish, French, Portuguese and African descent and came from as far away as Maine to participate.

The backlash from the Tea Party resulted in the closing of Boston Harbor and further penalties imposed on the colonists until the loss of the tea was reimbursed.  These actions brought the colonists closer to revolution.

I thought it was interesting that, other than tea, no looting or destruction of any other property took place that night.  How times have changed.

Another thing I found interesting . . . people who were loyal to the crown found the situation in the colonies increasingly uncomfortable. Many of them fled to Canada, back to Britain, (naturally) but also went to the Bahamas and Africa where they founded Sierra Leone.  I did not know that.

More Boston Tea Party Facts here.

The tattoo:

boston tea party tattoo

And the Lego model – sorry, I can’t help myself.




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