What does my library look like?

December 10, 2014

library by colors

Color-coded and everything.

This wonderful graphic is by Tom Gault.  This and many other clever graphics are at his website.


  1. Heh. The color coding would have been spot-on, back in the day when I actually had a library.

    • I love the categories . . . “pretend I’ve read,” “meaning to read.” Yep, I’m there. “Wish I hadn’t read.” I’m pretty good at getting rid of those.

  2. Like Buck said. The color coding would be a little different though. I made a good faith effort to read everything I had, or why buy it. OTOH, there were some books that were just references or I hadn’t gotten around to throwing out, they were so bad.

    • Reminds me of Dorothy Parker. . .

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