What am I sappy cat blogging?

December 5, 2014

Tiger-Iris-with-charming-cub-620x586Iris, an Amur tiger, with her cub.  From wordlesstech.

I saw this photo and got to wondering how many different kinds of tigers are there . . .

tigersand some of their coloration is also interesting . . .

rare-tigersFrom I Spy Animals.

The stripeless white looks a lot like my Hobbes.

Hobbes and Sam


  1. It’s SO sad that all the existing tigers are classified as “endangered.” I don’t hold much hope for their survival even though I know there’s a mighty conservation movement.

    • I don’t hold much hope for them either, but the pressure from humans does not leave much room for an alternative. Sad indeed.

  2. Are the precious little kitties are inspecting themselves in the mirror? Vain creatures. 😉 They are adorable.

    • Thanks, they are pretty cute – and funny.

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