What am I noting on tattoo Tuesday?

November 25, 2014


We are coming up on the anniversary of the founding of Pittsburgh on November 27, 1758.

I thought this from Wiki was interesting:

Pittsburgh was named in 1758 by General John Forbes in honor of British statesman William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham. Forbes was a Scotsman and it is conjectured that the pronunciation was originally intended to be /ˈpɪtsb(ə)rə/ PITS-brəor PITS-bə-rə(similar to Edinburgh). Pittsburgh was incorporated as a township in 1771 and as a borough on April 22, 1794 with the following Act: “Be it enacted by the Pennsylvania State Senate and Pennsylvania House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania…by the authority of the same, that the said town of Pittsburgh shall be…erected into a borough, which shall be called the borough of Pittsburgh for ever.”



Above – panoramic views of the city by day and at dawn

Pittsburgh is interesting and close enough to home for a day trip.  We will be there for Thanksgiving seeing family.

pittsburgh tattoo 1

Pittsburgh Tattoo Header


  1. AH! HA! I see tattoos!

    • They look like quite a commitment!

  2. I like Pittsburgh, a lot. My SN2 was the commander of Naval Recruiting District, Pittsburgh and I had occasion to go visit a couple o’ times. It’s a great city with all the things that make a city great. Well, except for their hockey team. I could do without those guys. 😉

    • Ha! With me its the Steelers.

  3. No mention of UPMC, united planets medical center or the IEA.

    • Shhh – that’s classified!

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