Where am I hiding?

October 1, 2014

hidden doorway bookcaseA door hidden within a wall of bookcases at Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk, owned by the National Trust. It is decorated with real book spines, with tongue in cheek titles that reference events and people from the history of Oxburgh.

from bookshelf roundup

hidden bookcase

Thanks to Katie for this hidden doorway in a bookcase leading to a hidden stairway and more bookcases!

buffalo trace secret door

This bookcase at Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery in Frankfort, KY, reveals a hidden doorway that leads to  . . .

buffalo trace aging room

the Aging Room.  If you have the opportunity to take the Bourbon Tour, don’t miss Buffalo Trace.




  1. Until I reread that, I had forgotten that it was a hidden door. I was so focused on getting pictures of the various moonshine stills elsewhere in the room so I could cobble together one of my own. 🙂

    • I agree – the hidden door was just one of the treasures discovered at Buffalo Trace.

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