What am I catching?

September 30, 2014

red leaf

Today is Catch Your 12 Leaves Day

The tradition (my tradition, anyway) is to try to catch 12 leaves before they reach the ground.  This will give you good luck in the coming 12 months.

But it is not as easy as it sounds.

It helps to find a big tree with a lot of big leaves that are just ready to let go.  It also helps if it is a windy day.  It helps most of all if you are really agile!

Here’s a map of peak leaf peeper times.





  1. I’ve never heard of the 12-leaves thing before… and I couldn’t do that around here. We just don’t have that many trees.

    Fall used to be my second favorite season, just a tick behind Spring, but that was when I lived Up Nawth where we actually HAD seasons. You’ll note that my part o’ NM is colored green on the Fall color map… meaning we have none. (sigh)

    • Don’t worry – I’ll share my leaves with you. I’ve got lots!

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