Where am I living this time?

May 5, 2014

dymaxionhouse6When I think of Buckminster Fuller, I think of geodeisic domes, Bucky balls, and things like that.  In 1920, however, he entertained the idea of entering the housing market with what he called the Dymaxion House. The benefits of this thoughtfully designed structure have appeal – easy to heat, dust is drawn down through the baseboards almost eliminating that noxious chore, rotating closets that bring the clothes to you (this was repeated in an episode of Tool Time).  A full description is here at the Fuller Institute.


Although the design was conceived in 1920, it was not until 1945 that one of the dymaxion homes was actually built.  In spite of all of its benefits, the idea did not take off.  The one dymaxion home that was built, was dismantled in 1991 and was eventually reassembled as part of the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.


dymasionhouse3Oooo, shiny!


See also Lustron and Quonset.


  1. Love the design!!Now to make it green……

    • It really was pretty green – natural heating and cooling, made its own power, no need to paint, low maintenance. It is interesting that even elements of his design have not been adopted.

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