Where am I traveling?

January 9, 2014


I must have stars in my eyes because this is another astronomical post. I saw this story (click on the graphic for the animation) in the New York Times article on 2013: The Year in Interactive Storytelling.  The story talks about the planets outside of our solar system that have been discovered by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft.  I do love a good info-graphic and find the animated planets just fascinating.  There is more to the story here.


  1. Did you watch Nova (PBS) last night? The entire show was devoted to the Kepler planet-discovery story. Fascinating stuff.

    I think the show is available for streaming on-line… most Nova segments are.

    • I did not see Nova last night – probably because we do not have television service (!) But thanks for the tip. I will look into streaming the program because I just love this stuff.

  2. You can always find me reading graphs. Don’t tell anyone I like USA Today 😉 I’ll check this out. Astrologers use the same kind of graphs.

    • Yes!

    • Yes! Aren’t they interesting?

  3. I am amazed that they can calculate orbits with what must be such little data. I just saw the very first exo-solar planet image today.

    • I, too, am amazed.

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